STATUS REPORT ON FOOD SECURITY IN KIAMBU COUNTY Research Findings, Recommendations and Proposals


The broad project objectives were to:

  1. Establish the status of food security in Kiambu County; 
  2. Review best practices and national policies in institutional, legal and policy frameworks for implementation of article 43 (1)(c) of the Kenya Constitution and to make policy recommendations at the national and county levels;
  3. Enhance  public participation in the development of food security initiatives;
  4. Use evidence based advocacy for equitable allocation of resources for food security initiatives;
  5. Document women’s experiences, knowledge and perception in relation to food security;
  6. Generate proposals for ensuring implementation of Article 43 (1)(c) of the Kenya Constitution 2010;

vii.Share the research findings with the food security stakeholders (policy makers, civil society organizations and the general public) at the county and national levels.


Only objectives related to the household survey carried out by AWSC & KNBS are reflected in this report. 


Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)

Start Year: 
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