Prof. Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira was acutely aware that the experiences of African women in almost all spheres of life were invisible, did not form apart of mainstream knowledge development and often they were not used as a source of public and legitimate knowledge. And she had a dream, a dream that one day African women will have the opportunity to speak for themselves, their experiences will be utilized to shape, order and name the world in which they live. That dream became a concept paper which she wrote in order to persuade the leadership and the community of the University of Nairobi that this University should lead the way in establishing a Centre that will promote the experiences and wisdom of the African woman. The African Women Studies Centre originated from there. The “beginnings” captures the journey of the African Women’s Studies Centre from its inception to the present day.

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African Women's Studies Centre - Historical Origins

Anna Petkova- Mwangi

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