Pathways to African Feminism and Development: Same Story Different Narratives (Volume 1 Issue I May 2013)


Editor in Chief

Prof Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Professor of Law, Department of Private Law University of Nairobi

Editorial Board

Prof Henry Indangasi, Professor of Literature, University of Nairobi

Dr Margaret Jesang Hutchinson, Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection

Prof Maria Nzomo, Director, Institute of Diplomacy & International Studies, University of Nairobi

Dr Daniel Ichang’i, College of Biological & Physical Sciences, University of Nairobi

Prof Zipporah Ngumi, Professor, Department of Surgery, College of Health, University of Nairobi

Dr Kennedy Omoke, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, University of Nairobi

Prof Migai Aketch, Professor School of Law, University of Nairobi

Prof Ciarunji Chesaina, Professor of Literature, University of Nairobi

Dr Mary Lucia Mbithi, School of Economics, University of Nairobi

Prof Grace Omoni, Director, School of Nursing, University of Nairobi

Mrs. Anna Petkova Mwangi, Department of Literature, University of Nairobi

Prof Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira, Professor of Literature & Director, African Women’s Studies

Centre, University of Nairobi

Prof Elishiba Kimani, Gender and Development Studies, Kenyatta University

Prof Philomena Mwaura, Dept. of Philosophy & Religious Studies/Director, Centre for Gender Equity and Empowerment, Kenyatta University





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Barriers Faced By Women-Owned Businesses Perspectives of Women from East African Community by Lucia Mary Mbithi.pdf60.79 KB
Feminism, Culture and Development in Africa by Ciarunji Chesaina.pdf248.64 KB
Reflections on Feminism and Development in Africa The Case of Kenya by Nancy Barasa & Nkatha Kabira.pdf254.4 KB
The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians and Their Engagement in Public Theology A Pathway to Development by Philomen Njeri Mwaura.pdf142.39 KB
Women and Political Governance in Africa A Feminist Perspective by Maria Nzomo.pdf194.51 KB
Women’s Experiences as Sources of Public and Legitimate Knowledge Constitution Making in Kenya by Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira.pdf296.75 KB
Women’s Organising for Self Improvement in Colonial and Post Colonial Kenya A Historical Analysis by Mildred Ndeda.pdf292.96 KB

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