The objective of the research thematic area is to contribute to knowledge development in scholarship on/by African women.

As a leader in generating knowledge through African Women’s perspectives, the Centre undertakes research projects that are collaborative and multi-disciplinary in nature. The rationale behind research in AWSC is in recognition of the fact that African women’s lives and experiences remain outside mainstream knowledge and therefore are not utilized in shaping the world in which we live. Focusing therefore in all aspects of academic research and promoting scholarship on African women studies therefore remains a priority for the Centre. Sharing of the same information through publications, regular public lectures, conferences, calling in eminent scholars will help us put African women into the centre of academic dialogue and scholarship. Eminent scholars and personalities who have made major contributions to women’s struggles and empowerment will be given opportunities to share their experiences with the general public during the public lectures. The Centre plans to hold 2 public lectures each year during the period of this strategic plan.

The Centre’s focus in this department is outlined in the strategies below;


  • Conduct research on African Women’s knowledge and experiences;
  • Conduct regular seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • Subscribing to journals, websites, online conference/seminars, Skype, programmes.
  • Encourage different innovative research methodologies;
  • Facilitate researchers to be able to disseminate research and findings;
  • Publication of a Centre based journal.

Expected outcomes to be achieved

  • Research reports and publications on African Women’s knowledge and experiences available;
  • Regular seminars, workshops and conferences organized;
  • Journals, websites, online conference/seminars, Skype, programmes;
  • innovative research methodologies developed;
  • Research findings disseminated
  • Regular publication of the Centre’s journal “Pathways to African feminism and Development”.


Head of Thematic Area

  1. Dr. Jane Wambui


Staff under the Thematic Area

  1. Mr Reuben Waswa
  2. Ken Mwangi
  3. Gabriel Mbugua



Projects under Thematic Area

Ongoing Projects

  1. Promoting and Advocating for the Implementation of Article 43 (1) (c) of the Kenya Constitution: Zero Tolerance to Hunger and Malnutrition


  1. Implementation of Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya on Economic and Social Rights: (Amkeni Wakenya – AWSC Project: Phase II).


  1. Cost of Gender Gaps Research Project (UN WOMEN – AWSC Project)


Past Projects

  1. Influencing Policies and Programmes in Vision 2030 & Documenting Women’s Experiences (AuSAID Phase II)


  1. Promoting and Advocating for the Implementation of Article 43(1) (c) on Food Security (SUNY – AWSC Project)


  1. Implementation of Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya on Economic and Social Rights (Amkeni Wakenya – AWSC Project: Phase I)


Links for news items on the thematic area

1.Food Security Baseline Survey


2.Commissioning of Phase II data collection to Documentation of Women's Experiences with food security in 6 Counties


3.AWSC/KNBS National Food Security Baseline Survey shortlisted candidates


Message from the Director


Prof. Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira, EBS


African Women's Studies Centre

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