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The objective of the Thematic Area is - To create a network of scholars and alumni within and outside the region.

The Centre believes that African women in and outside the continent have a lot to learn from each other. Therefore, exchange programmes involving staff and students become an important element of the Centre’s strategies. It is also the belief of the Centre that gender and women’s studies Programmes in various parts of the world would contribute to development of the African women. The Centre will continue to build collaborations with universities and development partners all over the world that will provide fellowship and scholarship for its Scholars and students without allowing undue influence on the studies of African women. Opportunities for African women scholars to share their research findings and knowledge generated from research focusing on women’s issues will be a priority; for this will ensure that the perspectives and experiences of African women are included in intellectual dialogues at the international level and build their capacity to fully participate in knowledge development and policy influence.


  • Staff and student exchange;
  • Identifying and establishing collaborative activities and programmes that promote African Women development;
  • Providing opportunities for young women to appreciate and engage in issues affecting African women and development through mentorship.

Expected outcomes

  • Staff and student exchange  programmes established;
  • Collaborative activities and programmes that promote African Women development identified and established;
  • Increased opportunities for young women to engage in issues affecting African women and development through mentorship.


Head of Thematic Area

  1. Dr. Jane Wambui


Staff under Thematic Area

  1. Rosalyn Otieno



Linkage and collaboration Programmes under thematic area

  1. Abo Akademi University Exchange Programme, Finland


  1. Africa America Higher Education Partnership (AAHEP) Programme


  1. Trade policy Analysis and Negotiation: Australia Awards in Africa-Short Course Awards 2012-2013: Between the University of Adelaide, Australia and African Women’s Studies Centre (AWSC), University of Nairobi.



Message from the Director


Prof. Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira, EBS


African Women's Studies Centre

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