2nd Annual Conference on the status of African Women

On the 2nd Annual Conference on the status of African Women, the theme was on African Women’s Journey: Taking Stock. The conference brought together scholars involved in research in areas such as; gender issues, policy and practice, women’s socio-economic empowerment; women, politics, leadership and governance as well as documenting and preserving African women’s knowledge and experiences. The conference provided an opportunity for networking among scholars from various backgrounds and enabled participants to share practical solutions for achieving gender equality both at local, national and regional levels in order to achieve the gender equality and equity. The focus was on Women and politics - representation; women & political parties; election violence, Women and Socio-economic empowerment - Education, Culture change, Agriculture, Food security, Entrepreneurship, Women and health - Maternal health care, African Women and Sexuality, Universal health care, Legal systems and women’s empowerment - The constitution, Legal frameworks, African legal systems, Women and environment - Climate change, Environmental Health, Soil, air, and water pollution, Eco-feminism and Role of indigenous knowledge and Women and technology - Women and ICT, Food and technology, Technology and health.