Elimika Youth Programme Response to CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Keep Hope Alive


At moments of distress, the call to renew hope in our nation, families, comrades and friends is critical.
Our clarion call at the moment should be to keep hope alive. Together, let’s search for knowledge, embrace it, understand it, and share it to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.
Let’s be bold, courageous, talk openly about the pandemic, analyse information, discard myths, get facts and avoid fear.
This is the age of modern technology. Information can be generated and shared to help save lives. Elimika is about knowledge, technology and sound utilization of both.
Combination of innovation, sound technology and faith will help us conquer COVID-19. (There is hope that research science is fast discovering solutions to combat COVID-19).
What are the facts?
(i) Wuhan, China has been opened up due to zero new local infections hence slowing down the infections rate. This means that we are currently experiencing temporary/partial lock-down. South Korea’s infections have drastically slowed down, and people have begun going back to their normal lives.
(ii) The current fatality rate is 4.3% (as on 23/03/20201.4 (from WHO).
(iii) 87% of the people infected have recovered naturally or and have been treated and discharged.
(iv) There are a combination of existing drugs that have proved to be successful and development of vaccine is at an increased pace.
(v) The partial shut-down will pose some social and even economic challenges to all of us. It is better to courageously face these challenges for a short period of time and save human lives.

Judith Mbula Bahemuka, PhD

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