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The program objectives are to:

i. Explain the different needs of diverse members of society.

ii. Discuss concepts and skills for effective participation in leadership and governance.

iii. Develop awareness on the importance of women’s participation in leadership and governance. 

iv. Develop advocacy skills and competencies for promotion of women’s participation in leadership and governance in Africa.

 FEMINISM AND FEMINIST RESEARCH Making Research Work for African Women FEMINISM AND FEMINIST RESEARCH Making Research Work for African Women

This book sheds light on African Feminism Theory and Methods from an African perspective. African women centred research it is hereby argued must look at African women in their own context, address their own experiences within their different communities and within the large regional contexts. This is an important approach because the more we argue that women are conditioned by the society, the more we shall appreciate that the emancipation of women would transform our societies. This is because some of the major gender and social cultural problems women face in the African context result from misunderstanding and hence misrepresentation of women. This by extension affects women and the society at large. Theories and research methods reflect our values and assumptions. This involves the way we analyse the data and even verify the results. Western scholars have failed to properly interpret African women’s realities and we should not expect them to be able to do so. Their realities are different from African women’s realities as evidenced by the existing cultural differences. In the late 1960‟s and the 1970‟s The University of Nairobi came up with approaches that put studies in African Literature, Religious Studies, African Philosophy and African Studies at the centre of scholarship. This opened up a whole new world of study. New knowledge was generated where it had previously been thought it did not exist. Ngugi wa Thiong‟o, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Okot P‟ Bitek, John Ruganda, Owuor Anyumba, Taban Lo Liyong‟, Micere Githae Mugo, among many others became important writers worldwide.The African Women’s Studies Centre works on African women centred research, which will promote production of knowledge based on African women’s voices and experiences. There is also need to formulate African women’s research models that will be appropriate in generating knowledge based on African women’s experiences and their realities. Buy the book from amazon using the link below

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