Policy Advocacy

The African Women’s Studies Centre (AWSC) is a multi-disciplinary academic research evidence based policy advocacy and outreach focused Centre of the University of Nairobi. AWSC is informed by recognition that the experiences of African Women in almost all spheres of life have been invisible.In this section, find reports and presentations made at various fora for Policy Advocacy.

Meeting at Silver Springs Hotel on the proposed Preservation of Human Dignity Bill by Senator Hassan Omar.docx274.47 KB

Consultative meeting on FSB.docx11.97 KB

Devolution Conference at Meru-edited.docx2.23 MB

AWSC Memoranda on the Political Parties amendment bill 2016 - May 19 2016 (1).docx34.6 KB

AWSC Recommendations for Kenyan Health Policy 2012-30.pdf